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I’m just an avid gamer, that loves writing, and I’m here to prove just that! Currently here reviewing IOS games, and to make a lasting impression onto my audience.

Julius Caesar-Gallic War: Mechanized Warfare – Review

julius caesar gallic war

Julius Caesar-Gallic War is a very captivating tower defense game revolving around the Greek era, but instead of Greek military units, mechanized warfare is used throughout the game. It is pretty much a normal tower defense game, but includes a few concepts that aren’t necessarily incorporated into other games. First …

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Snakebird: You’re a snake, that’s a bird, who solves puzzles – Review


What is this!?! A snake? A bird? No, a Snakebird! Challenging, difficult, but addicting puzzle games are hard to come by these days. Snakebird, is an iOS game that is part of this splendid puzzle genre. The game originates on Steam, but like many other successful games it has rotated over …

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