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Arcade games for your iPhone or iPad

Drifty Dash: Drift And Dash Far Away From This One – Review

drifty dash

Drifty Dash is a hastily thrown-together game without any real polish or engaging gameplay mechanics to make up for its endless amount of faults. A clunky movement system, incredibly bland maps, and terrible AI make for a game that not only is uninspired in its ideas but fails to capitalize …

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SkullyDodge: Avoid the fires of hell – Review


SkullyDodge is the mobile game equivalent of the ‘bullet hell’ games that many of you might be familiar with. The player controls an adorable skull character to dodge hellfire that rains upon it. Obviously, longer it survives, the higher the score. However, because the skull isn’t able to fight back …

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Mars: Mars: Platform jumping adventure – Review

mars mars pomelo games

In Mars: Mars, The Mars Corporation, under their “Put a Human on Mars No Matter What” program have allowed astronauts and tourists to explore the planet’s surface using jetpacks. The goal is to land on the next platform over while collecting coins and enjoying the colorful landscape. You have a …

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