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Switchy Sides: an unenjoyable fashion show – Review

switchy sides

Do you remember your first smartphone with a touchscreen? Do you remember how everyone completely lost their MIND about it? For mobile games especially, it was absolutely mind-blowing to play something that allows you to manipulate your character without being bounded by some buttons like caged animals. Switchy Sides by …

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Quick Drop: hang on to your phone – Review

quick drop

Those awkward elevator moments are no more, thanks to Toronto-based Woolly Walrus’s strategic tap experience Quick Drop. Simply drop your elevator passengers at the floor matching their corresponding colour and symbol in a timely fashion to beat this Unity-made tap title. That’s a lot easier said than done however, and …

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Hill Car Drag Racing: Hard Rock Hallelujah – Review

hill car drag racing

If giant toy trucks racing on dirt tracks with a grungy rock anthem in the background sounds like fun, Hill Car Drag Racing may be the pearl to your jam. It’s not quite Nitro Circus, but ASK Homework’s exhilarating racer comes with an infectious spirit and a sensational grindfest. Certain games don’t …

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