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Write for Us

Write for Us!


Are you a reader?
Are you a gamer?
Do you own a recent iPhone/iPad?

But most importantly, do you like writing witty things on the internet?


We are flooded with emails and press releases from awesome iPhone Game Developers showing us their amazing games and we definitely need witty and funny people to write iOS game reviews for us!

Now hold on. This won’t make you rich. This is a one mouse operation and I’m a college student, sadly I cannot compensate you monetarily for your contributions to our website. Actually this website is costly me a lot of money to run and host! Should our model start bringing in some money, my game reviewers will be the first one to profit from that! Writing for us could also be an interesting experience to add to your resume and yes, I am willing to write a letter of reference for the dependable writes of pookybox.com

Tips & Tricks for a successful review:

Look at what is already published on the website www.pookybox.com to gauge what format you should be following yourself.

Take 2-3 screenshots that will be posted in your review. A picture is worth a thousand words, so make your screenshot as interesting and relevant to the gameplay as possible.

We don’t use scores. I know, what a strange idea. But truly, score is just a random number that doesn’t mean anything, we want the REVIEW itself to indicate if the game is worth downloading/buying or not.

Don’t worry about the WordPress site gimmicks. Just focus on writing the review and the editorial staff (that’s me!) will fill in the keywords, SEO, the featured image, etc.


Do you already have experience as a Game Reviewer?

Show us something you already done, writing-wise along with a short presentation and send it to cokamouse@pookybox.com

New in the field but eager to start?

Show us what you got! Go to the AppStore, look for a game released in the past 2 months (that we didn’t cover already!) and write a review about it!

Reviews should be over 400 words, along with 2-3 screenshots you took yourself.
Send it to cokamouse@pookybox.com