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Dawnbringer - New game for iPhone

Dawnbringer: a medieval fantasy RPG – Preview

Dawnbringer makes no excuse about wanting to be an epic medieval fantasy RPG! The game starts with an wonderful cinematic trailer showing two angel-like creatures fighting in space, headed toward a planet. The fight is violent, they are on fire because of the high velocity at which they are entering the atmosphere and, when the camera pans out, they look like a fiery comet in the sky.

Losing their wings and pieces of their armor, the two men starts a sword combat. Right off the bat, you have to parry incoming attacks. The game shows you, with the help of a disembodied gauntlet, how to swipe in order to fend off the virulence of your opponent, Xariel.

After showing you how to attack and ward off, you get to fight on your own. No matter how well you do however, Xariel will defeat you. As you fall on the ground, you get to take a good look at his face. Oh dear goodness. The face. It will haunt my dreams.

You see, no matter how jaw-dropping the cinematic trailer/beginning of the game was, the gameplay itself is subpar. The animation are a bit clunky and the faces are looking a bit like someone tried to extinguish a fire with a shovel. It’s a bit scary.

I decided not to be so superficial and continue playing Dawnbringer after this shocking revelation. So your enemy turns out to be your brother. He makes some reference to the fact it’s far from being your first struggle and that you are not banished to this strange land. He decides to go explore without you and you are left to your own devices.

DawnBringer - New iPhone game

The game urges you to follow him. Taping and swiping in the various directions you want to go, the control are quite easy to quickly master here. After a few seconds filled with self doubt (am I ever gonna catch up to him?!) you get ambushed by a vile horned creature. Time to hone your combat skills! After a good show of parrying and attacking him with your sword, you can continue your adventures and your quest of catching up with your brother.

Let’s forget my initial horror at the sight of Xariel’s face for a moment and look at the whole graphical aspect of the game. While it doesn’t hold a candle to it’s initial start, the game is still of high quality for a mobile game! The controls aren’t too hard to master and the musical score is quite epic, in tune with the RPG genre.

I’m glad I got the chance to preview Dawnbringer for you this week and I hope you will pick it up when it comes out on June 16th 2016!

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  1. This has to be one of the most savagely honest reviews I have ever read, not that I have ever read app reviews. Just kidding! While filled with humor, it still left me with two important things. Good music, and easy controls. All I ask for from an Action RPG, really.

  2. This game is obsessive for me! I love the medieval vibe of this game and how you can improve your combat skills! Definitely try this game out!

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