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Frog Orbs 2: I put on my wizard robe and hat – Review

You ever sat at the office, looking out the window, bored out of your skull? Hoping for the hours to melt away until the end of the day, but you feel like you’re going to be stuck in there forever? Wouldn’t ANYTHING be better than that? May be.. may be being a wizard frog would perk things up!

Sure you’d get to destroy your enemies, headed your way, but safe behind a magic beam and with a magic wand handy, who’s scared?

We control Bufo the frog at the bottom of the screen while hordes of enemies are coming our way. It’s almost like a tower defense in the sense there is a perimeter you are trying to defend and you need to shoot at the enemies before they reach it: however you don’t get to place towers this time but simply tap your screen to make your frog shoot from his wand and destroy the mindless minions headed your way.

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You will sometimes be lucky and have your work cut out for you when you can access a powerful magic spells, such as a tornado. It’s wind will make your enemies fly off the screen quickly.

The controls couldn’t be easier: you simply tap the screen and your magical frog will aim accurately. But remember, it’s not the beam that destroy your foes, but where the spell lands.

But don’t think it will be an easy venture all the way. The enemies will be faster and smarter along the way: when they start walking in zig zags to confuse you you know you are in real trouble!


The music, while perky, is sadly too quickly repeated and gets rapidly annoying. It sure is a black spot for this cute game.

At $1,99 this is a fun title to pick up in the AppStore.

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