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Lil’ Alchemist

Usually, collectible card games, especially on a cell phone, are not my main hobby.

But to it’s merit, Lil ‘Alchemist is so colourful and easy to use, I feel as if I am 20 years older than their target audience. The concept is almost childlike: it combines two elements to create a new one. Combine a wolf and a flame to make a nice Firefox, or a human and a bottle of magic potion to become a magician. Total broscience, right?

We begin by choosing one of three classes available: Elementalist, Enchanter or Healer. Do not spend too much time to make your choice: you can change later, as often as your mood. Being an Elementalist adds in battle mode an extra point of attack bonus after each successful combination of cards, up to 5. The Enchanter will rather add points of attack and defense directly on the cards played, while the Healer will restore your health in the same fashion.


The battle system can be very repetitive: one enters a region where there is initially a boss that we must overcome once to access the second, etc.. But the catch is that to get maximum cards, each boss must be fought successfully 12 times…

The game is filled with references to pop culture, such as combining a wolf and a superhero (which itself is a combination of a human and a radioactive substance), we get “Wolferine”. It strangely resembles a Marvel character of a similar name.

Where it goes bad, it the infamous in-app purchase experience: it takes time to find some combinations of elements, and the rarest take 24 hours. 24 hours is a long time when you want to play a game. Of course we are invited to fast-forward this time at the speed of light through the purchase of precious stones with your credit card.


Despite this, the game is definitely fun and I recommend it to people who have the patience of an angel (for which the combination is human and wings).

Original article was published in French on http://estugame.com/lil-alchemist/

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  1. This is a really cute card-like game. I play it casually, usually when I’m around my nieces – they love looking at the cartoon pictures. It’s not entertaining enough for me to play on a regular basis, though, nor am I willing to spend money in the game.

  2. I wonder how long this took to create this gem of a game.

  3. I must say, as a lot as I enjoyed reading what you had to say, I couldnt help but lose interest after a while.

  4. Hi, glad that i found on this in google. Thanks!

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