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One Tap RPG – Pachinko-like Dungeon Crawler: Review

I’m not sure what I expected when I saw One Tap RPG – Pachinko-like Dungeon Crawler on the App Store. I know Tiny Touch Tales for the absolutely excellent Card Crawl, not for a one tap RPG game. Curiosity got the better of me and within a few moments, I was experimenting with the game.

I found myself playing for a good hour before I realized I needed to do something productive with my day. Then it dawned on me that I better review this cute fun quick game and share my delight of it.

The premise is quite simple: you tap to place your knight at the top of the screen and he will auto advance, killing his enemies hindering his way to the bottom. Sometimes he will bounce off a coffin, a tombstone or a barrel. So the game is “not quite” a lot of things. Not quite like Pachinko, Plinko or even the excellent Breakout.

There is a door at the top of the screen and you may be under the impression that this is were and only there that you can place your knight. But I assure you I started more than one game while placing him far left or far right, always in the top row.

One Tap RPG - Pachinko-like Dungeon Crawler

It gets mesmerizing to watch your knight be on it’s way, Pachinko-like, bouncing off obstacles, gathering gold coins and annihilating his enemies. You get to grab items on the way, if they are in your way, that may help or hinder. I like grabbing a spell book that casts protection around my knight, that way he become quasi-invincible to its foes. Some other spells I encountered are casting mighty fireballs around the screen, which was quite useful in the end.

Ads are quite discrete in One Tap RPG, they don’t hide the screen at all while ruining the gameplay, they will only pop-up when you complete a level.

Should I really say level thought? There is no levelling up your knight in the sense you don’t get to choose his stats. You score seems to be a combination of your level when you met your untimely demise and the gold your amassed through your adventures. You get to share it on Twitter if you so desire.

What keeps the game fresh and interesting is that the dungeon in which you make your way is not always the same: not only the items and enemies are placed differently, but sometimes the whole setting will change. I was pleasantly surprised to take my adventure in the desert among sand worms, scorpions, Djinns, cactus and mummies. Otherwise, due to its nature, One Tap RPG is a passive game. Asides from placing your fearless knight in the spot of your choosing at the top of the screen, you pretty much don’t have anything else to do in the game.

I was disappointed that the Daily Challenge mode wasn’t working however; may be the game developers are not updating the game anymore?

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  1. I love the art of this game. It create an atmosphere very unique. The controls are easy to master. I really enjoyed playing this game on my phone. I would recommand it to anyone wo like those kind of game.

  2. i like the creativity .It is too control.I quite like playing this game.It is too slow while loading but it is nice for being entertainment..

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