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Running Gods

Running Gods

Running Gods is an endless runner based on Greek mythology. You start off as Zeus and can slowly unlock a wave of familiar Gods and the like including Athena, Hades, and more. They all basically play the same so unlocking them is all a matter of personal preference and you do this by collecting golden orbs found in the levels. Other than character swaps, there are levels, but they become available in other ways aside from the orbs. As one would expect from a Greek themed game, you start on Olympus and tackle the realm of the underworld, sea, and more.


runningFor an iOS runner the game is actually beautiful. Now at best it’s a flash game and the animations aren’t amazingly fluid, but the bright colors and charcters are great. Plus the music is fantastic, straight out of a 80s montage sequence. It’ll get you jazzed up from start to end. What this has to do with Greek mythology is beyond me, but hey, it’s good regardless.


Getting down to the actual gameplay, players have two buttons, situated on opposite sides of your device. There’s the jump button and then there’s the glide button. The goal is to avoid spikes, boulders, and other obstacles while trying to collect those golden orbs and make it as far as possible for a high score. It actually reminded me a lot of Robot Unicorn Attack in terms of gameplay and I guess the music as well. Now it’s not as great, or silly as RUA, but I get what the developers were trying to convey.


runningRunning Gods is simplistic and the rewards you work towards aren’t amazing, but by no means is it bad. There are definitely better runners out there that incorporate more elements to get players hooked. As a free to play game you can invest money into getting more orbs to then unlock more avatars, but again, these aren’t good incentives unless you’re just dying to be Hades. Running Gods is fun in short bursts, but derivative.

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Tristan is relatively new to writing reviews for iOS, but he's been in the game journalism biz since 2011. He keeps current with every platform, but he's also big on covering the lost gems of gaming's past. All in all he loves games!

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