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sea fish shooter ios game review

Sea Fish Shooter: Like Shooting Fish in a Barrel – IOS Game Review

Sea Fish Shooter is an interesting game by Tuan Nguyen. The graphics are colorful, cute and cheerful. The playing field is under the sea and the player is supposed to aim a net gun at fish and shoot them to gain coins. You can choose the level of power on your gun, but the nets cost coins as well, so you have to balance going all out on a large fish or staying simple to save money.

seafish shooter

The most confusing part of Sea Fish Shooter is the gameplay itself. The description of the game in the App Store describes it as “You can entertain with funny fish in anywhere without having to go to supermarket or entertainment yet.” There’s no real direction other than that. 

It is easy enough to see what to do at the beginning, tap the screen and the gun shoots out a bullet that turns into a net when it hits a fish. If the fish is hit with enough bullets, it will shed coins or disappear and leave you a bunch of coins. It takes a little fiddling with the interface to realize you can change guns and some menu searching before you know what items do. A timer constantly counts down in the corner, which I discovered awards coins every ten seconds. There is an experience bar which will give you a bonus and take you to the next level. However, difficulty doesn’t seem to change at all and at least up to level 7 there was no change in gameplay or fish.

sea fish shooter

Once you figure out gameplay, Sea Fish Shooter is fun if a little mindless.  Bombs will collect a large radius of fish, bread will draw fish to a point, and lightning will freeze all fish. Sometimes the gun will emit a laser, collecting a ton of fish,  though I couldn’t figure out what prompted it.

Ads popped up occasionally but were not video ads and all of them were skippable which was not that annoying in the long scheme of things.

Other than the initial confusion, Sea Fish Shooter was a cute game. I wish there had been more information and variety of levels or fish.

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