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letter club ios game review

Letter Club: Word Spelling RPG – iOS Game Review

Letter Club is a 1 v 1 free to play letter puzzle game similar to Boggle. The game will randomly pair you up with another player around the world and the goal is to make as many words as possible within a given amount of time. You’re given a grid of 3×3 to work with and if nothing jumps out you can refresh your allotment up to three times. These words must be at least three letters long and the more you add to that word the more points it’ll rack up.

letterAt the top of the screen your avatars will face off. Each side has a bar. You represent blue on the left while the opponent has red on the right. Every time you make a word the meter fills out for that player. Whoever’s bar is biggest by the end wins and suffice it to say if it’s even you will tie. Essentially it’s like you’re doing damage to the other player hilariously mocked up as you vomit words unto your foe.

letterNow there are unlocks in Letter Club, as one would expect for a free mobile app. It costs 500 gold to get a new avatar, of which is just aesthetic choices, but hey if you’d rather be a cat than a person the choice is there. There’s another aspect to Letter Club that’s a bit odd in that it’s like an RPG. For example, if you get five letter Gs’ from chests then the points accrued from playing that letter in a word increases. And if you want to speed up the process you can buy purple diamonds to unlock more.

Letter Club is a fun Boggle clone that grew old fast. Having a 3×3 grid limited the combinations wherein I found spelling the same things continuously. Plus the RPG elements are basically unneeded for a game of this level. I didn’t encounter as many people either, sometimes playing the same person continuously in a row, seriously five times at least, but I can’t blame the game for that. In order to flourish it needs an audience and while it is fun, the staying power is minimal so the chances of it getting a better crowd are in itself small.

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