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one more jump mobile game

One More Jump; More Like “One More Run!”

One More Jump is a stylish and addictive arcade platformer, and the only thing about it more distinctive than its simple yet elegant level design is its mind-bending level of difficulty. Despite being a longtime appreciator and seasoned veteran of hardcore platformers, even I was taken aback, (and ultimately utterly defeated by) One More Jump’s rapidly-ramping degree of challenge.

one-more-jumpThe gameplay is deceptively simple; if you tap the screen, your little customized cube will jump, lifting off from whatever surface it happens to be travelling on before landing a second later. However, jumping off the edge of a surface will sometimes have an orbit-like effect on your cube, causing it to travel cyclically around that edge before flipping around to land on the other side. Understanding the game’s physics is crucial to victory, and with with an abundance of deadly darker-coloured surfaces to contend with as well, mastering the art of jumping in One More Jump can be challenging indeed.

one-more-jumpThese gravity-bending mechanics are what make One More Jump so confounding even to genre fanatics; the levels get ridiculously visually intricate, requiring tight jumps and nimble travel along surfaces facing in all four cardinal directions. Not only must you make the game’s physical laws work for you, but other mechanics such as mobile and time-sensitive platforms ensure that players will eventually face complex and ever-shifting assemblages of colours and patterns through which to navigate their lone cube. Completing these levels quickly becomes as much a puzzle as a test of your reflexes, with enjoyable (though occasionally enraging) results.

The game will feed ads to you based on how many attempts you’ve made, and after every run it will update you with the number of tries you have remaining before having to view another ad. I personally didn’t find it too intrusive even though I struggled on many a level, and in retrospect my experience with One More Jump was a very positive one. It lacks extra modes, but features many customization options, and the core of its gameplay is rock-solid and well-implemented… Just be sure to avoid this one if you aren’t looking for a challenge!

About Michael Dischleit

Mike Dischleit, aka Retneug, is a consummate gamer and avid congoer from Ontario, Canada. When he isn't playing or reviewing iphone games, he enters a state of suspended animation until reinvigorated by the release of a hot new iOS title. Should the industry falter he may never reawaken.

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