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primate press

Primate Press: Editor in Chimp – Review

The infinite monkey theorem is the belief that if you put a monkey typing away at a keyboard for an infinite amount of time, it would eventually type out all of works of Shakespeare. While there is some complicated mathematical formula to back this up, I’m not going to dive into that, because I’d rather be playing Primate Press by Correct Rejection, which pays homage to the old adage by placing you as a chimp working at a local newspaper.

primatepressPrimate Press is a word scrambling game where you try to spell words of four letters or more by swiping the typewriter keys around. Unlike a lot of games I see like this, you can swipe the keys as much as you want, rather than having them revert to their initial position if your movement fails to spell a word. This is something I really appreciated from the game, as it allows you to set up bigger words to use later. The clock on your workday is always ticking down though, so don’t take too much time. Creating words nets you more time, so the faster your fingers, the longer your day and the better your chances for getting those big words.

The visual appeal is really nice. I loved the atmosphere of the office, and having the letters be represented by typewriter keys was a nice, but simple touch that I think added to a lot to the experience. At the end of each work day, you’re shown the fruits of your labor by seeing your article made up of the words you spell. Again, this is a nice extra touch that I think goes the extra mile towards world building. You also earn experience points that level your primate up the corporate ladder that lets you unlock new hats. The last thing I want to comment on is the sound design. They did a good job making it feel like an old timey printing press, and I never thought the background music got old.

primatepressOverall, I enjoyed Primate Press. It’s a fun breakout title from this new development company and I think has a lot to offer if word puzzles are your thing. Aside from the main mode, there’s also a really fun mode to mix it up called Banana mode. In this mode you only get access to three letters. B, A, and N. It may sound a little silly to only spell Banana, but it’s surprisingly fun to aim for high scores on this mode.

So yeah, Primate Press gets a recommendation from me. I’m a little embarrassed to admit though my best run was one where I just started swiping keys randomly, so maybe there really is something to that monkey typewriter theory after all.

About John Scott

John C. Scott is a former cartoonist and professional writer who grew up in Hawaii. When he's not playing video games, he's discussing them on his YouTube channel, Strain42

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  1. Fun and addictive word game. The Endless mode is great while you get the hang of swapping the letters around and Banana mode is super fun, love the music in Banana mode too.

  2. This is a pretty fun game if you like spelling then this game is definitely the one for you, you will just go on for hours it is that addictive

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