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SwapQuest – A (pipe) dream come true – Preview

I had the chance to preview this game, which is coming out later this month.

To put some context behind my commentaries, I should disclose that Pipe Dream was one of my favourite quick type of game to play when I was a teenager. Why am I telling you this? The main gameplay here is very similar!

in SwapQuest, you will incarnate a prince, or a princess if you so choose, that has the classic task of saving the kingdom from impending evil. You do have 5 classes to choose from, so you have a deeper, RPGesque, aspect to the puzzle.

In true Pipedream fashion, you will get to tile up the path for your character while gloomy looking shadows are slowly going up the screen, so up you must go also. You will get to tap rocks to destroy them, and shake up bushes to reveal precious gems to assist you in your quest.

Some foes will try to stop you and it’s up to you to defeat them. What I like is your character doesn’t mindlessly wait for the way to be clear: you get to control their movements as well as stop them completely in their tracks if you need to.


The soundtrack, mixed with the pixel graphics, give a sense of 8 bit nostalgia and that is truly enchanting. While I was under time constraint to get a preview of this app out, I will keep this one in my “daily play” folder and so I may revisit this adorable world often.

The game requires a bit more constant attention than a mere puzzle and thus it would be difficult to play it on the run, while waiting for the bus for example. You’d want to give it you complete and undistracted scrutiny to assist your avatar, the prince or the princess, on the way to their goal.

Good little title to pick up when it will come out later this month.

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