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little traders

Little Traders: Speculate Your Way to the Top! – Review

In Little Traders, you’ll manage your very own stock trading company starting from the very bottom (you’ll start your business at the basement so, yea). I have no experience in stock trading whatsoever but this game is actually very simple to play. You just need to trust your instinct and pick the best timing to buy or sell a stock. This retro styled game provides you with a graph that shows the real time movement of the stock price. Just a simple tap and you can buy or sell your stock. Every morning, your clients will come and ask you to make some profit for them. You can do this only by buying stocks at the lowest price possible and sell it as high as you can, all using resources provided by your clients.

little tradersSet in the 1920s, Little Traders” target=”_blank”>Little Traders retro styled graphic blends perfectly with the music. Through my playtime, I did not see any annoying ads, which is great. Let’s hope that in the future, the devs won’t implement an advertisement for a game that literally is advertised everywhere (eyes on you, Game of War). As you progress into the game, you will unlocked new floors. Each new floor offers different function to your business. There is a floor designed to help you with the stock trading and there is a floor to get you more clients as well. The shop offers many decorations for each floor. Wallpaper, tables, chairs, paintings, chandelier, you name it. You can also hire new people for each floor, some even very useful for your stock prediction. It is very exciting to slowly witness your stock trading business turns into an empire.

little tradersIt’s quite tricky to predict the fluctuation of the stock price. It is even trickier later in the game as more clients need your service. You can always take care of one client at a time, but tackling multiple clients at once feels more rewarding and challenging. Taking care of multiple clients at once will also allow you to progress faster. This game can be very rewarding especially when the stock price rises dramatically right after you spend all your money on it.

This is a nicely made game but I don’t expect that every one of you will like it. Little Traders requires you to patiently speculate your way up to the top. Even I wish that there is a fast forward button. The game can also be repetitive to play, given time. Nonetheless, this game is worth your time. Nice graphics and music combinations alongside exciting unusual gameplay will consume much of your time.

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  1. While playing I am pretenting to be Gordon Gekko, smashing all of the earning records.
    Hahah such a great game. No jail no nothing, just EARNINGSS

  2. Elvis Rafael Aparicio Noguera

    I find it interesting this game looks spectacular that buying and selling shares is very good, really is very entertaining and exciting to play, congratulations.

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