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Swings Minimons

Swings Minimons

Today we have yet another strange name for a rather interesting game. Swings Minimons combines strong RPG elements with some unique features for a truly interesting experience.

Swings Minimons opens up with a character selection screen displaying the five playable characters Paladin, Viking, Barbarian, Pierrot, and Alien. The game then gives a full description of all the features on the main menu and walks you through your first time actually playing. The tutorial is a bit lengthy and the English is a little broken, but it explains everything in full detail so you shouldn’t have much trouble picking up how to play. To start, each character has their own stats, which can be upgraded with gold earned during gameplay. You also have to unlock all classes other than Paladin which all have the same cost of 1000 gold. It’s a fairly simple system of upgrading and unlocking, but the game truly shines with its unique combat system.

swingsThe combat does rely on RPG stats for damage, attack speed, critical hits and similar stats. However, your weapon is actually an orb that swings from your character based on your movement. Put simply, you have to use physics to manipulate where the orb goes to hit enemies and dodge them at the same time. This can be both frustrating and fantastic at the same time. With that said it does take some practice to really work with the controls, but once you have some practice in it shouldn’t be too much trouble.

Once you have a good grip for the controls you can start pushing through the levels the game has to offer.  Each level is a large 3D area for you to run around and defeat enemies in. Each defeated enemy has a chance to drop gold, you’ll have to pick it up before it disappears or it will be lost forever. Beyond using gold to upgrade your stats permanently, while playing your character can level up and you will get a free upgrade for the time you’re playing, and these upgrades will not stay with your character between play sessions.

swingsSwings Minimons also allows for you to carry a pet into battle and each pet has different abilities to support your battle abilities. So while it is an interesting game it is rather simple to pick up and play and offers long term rewards for playing through the levels and defeating bosses.

Overall Swings Minimons has some interesting features and was fairly light on ads, so I would recommend anyone pick it up for free and give it a try!

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Jessica has been a gamer since she could hold a controller in her hands. She resides in a very small Virginia town that is surrounded by mountains. She loves telling people about the worlds she wanders through and seeing someone's world expand through finding a game they love through her articles. She also really loves furry companions and has taken in several rescues throughout the years, When not playing games you can find her under a warm blanket sampling different teas while reading graphic novels.

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