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KiiiZ : Tiny Music Robots – Review

I never had a good ear to compose, or play music. It’s one of the biggest regret I have in life. May be I was too distracted as a music student, or may be the methods used in class were not engaging enough; the fact remains I still don’t know my notes! And that made me the perfect candidate to dabble with KiiZ: Tiny Music Robots; an arcade game that claims they can make a music maestro out of us.

The game is cute, easy on the eyes and quite engaging. The gameplay is simple enough: you’re shown a note, shown how to read it on the stave and how to play it on the keyboard. Then you get to follow along and play the notes shown. While they aren’t mean in any way, you don’t want to disappoint the robots by failing your playing. They get so disheartened when they are required to tell you that you failed the level that you feel sad for them, and for yourself.


The level of difficulty of the game is incremented as early as the 7th level where you have to, not only play the right note, but play them at the right time also.

Indeed, the game will change the note you need to play at the last minute, to keep you on your toes. Adding an element of surprise to the timing of the playing of the note is turning this game from casual to more involvement required by the player.

If I had to comment on the game challenge, I would have had a slower pace of difficulty increment. I feel most people will get discourage as early as the 10th level where the pace of the playing need to pick up considerably and some notes are still changing on the stave as you go.

Still very much recommended for people who want to learn their notes, in a cute way, for such an affordable price!

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