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Mad Dex Arenas ios game

Mad Dex Arenas

I’m not entirely sure how the name Mad Dex Arenas came to be, but I do know what to tell you about the game to help you decide if it’s what you’re after for your newest mobile game.

We’ll jump right in and say this game is similar to an old platformer called Super Meat Boy. It’s a difficult platformer full of all kinds of way for your little character to meet his end. The game follows a simple structure of levels that increase in difficulty as you progress with a set of base abilities throughout. You can run, jump, and wall slide your way through the obstacles of each level provided you have the reflexes for it. The levels are random and don’t necessarily get hared after you beat one some even get easier so it’s hard to know what you will be going to next.

The controls use simple touch screen buttons that unfortunately have some issues with responsiveness. The buttons only let you move left and right, as well  as give you the ability to jump. At times the buttons sensitivity tends to be a little spastic and hard to control. These issues coupled with obstacles that require extreme precision can make for a frustrating mix, but saving the girl at the end of each level is just that much more satisfying because of this.

mad-dexThe major flaw with this game, however, is that after three attempts at a level you have to sit through an ad to continue. This wouldn’t be so bad if some levels didn’t have you dying upwards of 50 times just to learn the course. It’s also worth mentioning it is set up so your first time through will have you dying repetitively due to having a limited view of what’s in front of you which I can see getting frustrating rather quickly for most people. This led me to sit through lots of ads because I jumped expecting a platform, and instead found obstacles I was unable to predict. This also made the unresponsive controls issue more frustrating when it pushed me into an ad.

Mad Dex Arenas isn’t bad, it does have some minor issues, but if you’re a fan of Super Meat Boy or platformers in general, it is right up your alley. Just be ready to sit through a lot of ads for the harder levels.  As always this game can be found on the IOS store and is completely free. If you don’t get aggravated easily and you’re looking for a challenge then go ahead and try this out!

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