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adventures of valentin 2

Adventures of Valentin 2

Adventures of Valentin 2 is a point and click adventure game by Zongran Huang. The title would assume this game to be a sequel, but on searching the app store the only titles listed were clones of this game and they were all the same.
In this adventure you play as Valentin, a poor Viking who can’t seem to master any weapons and is deemed a failure by his clan. He hears of a kidnapped Princess and decides to make her rescue his test of bravery.
valentineEach level of the game takes place on a single screen. Tapping on items can add them to your inventory, and you can scroll through the items you are carrying to use them. Doing things in the wrong order or walking into a guard will get Valentin caught and you will need to retry the level.
The graphics are very charming and everything looks like it is from a paper cutout diorama. The colors are bright and the characters have a humorous style to them.
The music is very generic and actually gets annoying after a couple levels. Something I noticed was setting the phone to “silent mode” didn’t actually turn off the music. So the only way to escape it is to turn down the volume, unfortunately.
The other major gripe I had about the game was the proliferation of ads. Even halfway through the intro an ad popped up and I had to wait for a countdown before I continue to see what the original game’s story was. There is a constant banner across the bottom and sometimes ads will pop up mid level for no reason. When this happened I had to reset the app to continue and it restarted the level.
valentineThe puzzles themselves are straightforward and you do need to know a little “adventure game logic” to get around them. Untying the donkey causes it to wander off, thus when the woodcutter awakes he runs after it, leaving his axe and bucket behind. Filling the bucket with water, dousing the fire and using the charcoal on your face to make a “disguise” to get past the drawbridge guard is an example of how you need to stretch your logic to realize there is charcoal in the fire and that you need it for a disguise.
Valentin could be a fun little adventure if the ads were not intrusive and the music less grating..

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