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Solitairica Card Iphone

Solitairica: a fun card RPG roguelike – Review

Solitairica was released earlier this year on Steam and is now making it’s debut on iOS. The game was literally made by 2 guys in a garage, from game developer Righteous Hammer Games, based in Vancouver.

SolitairicaAs a fellow Canadian, I was eager to get my hands on this game to preview it. And I definitely wasn’t disappointed. Solitairica is essentially solitaire on steroids. Instead of duly playing with a boring deck of cards, you get to destroy your enemies with your matches!

As it turns out, in the land of Myriodd, where the game takes place, the horrible Emperor Stuck is up to no good. Guided by the jester Kismet, we have the mandate to battle a horde of nasty enemies using a wide variety of items and spells. As we make good matches with the cards, energy is stored to unleash spells upon our foes.

The game is very easy to pick up and you barely need a tutorial. You make matches by selecting a card of a value directly above or below the card showing on the discard pile. So if you have a 5 on your discard pile you can select a 4 or a 6 from the displayed cards, or pick a new card from the face down deck.

When you do this, the enemy will then make his move. A card from his deck will turn and something will happen: may be an attack, may be your cards will grow a beard (!), may be the energy type of the cards will change, who knows? The fact is, it will keep you on your toes. solitairica

Instead of spades and hearts, there are four type of energy to gather: attack, defense, agility and willpower. Spells will cost you a certain amount of energy of a specific type to be used. The spell are various and you get to unlock new ones as you progress. One spell may create an armor to shield your heart for a strength of 3, another one will allow you to destroy a card to get to your goal fast and may be the next spell will allow you to see through the face down deck of cards to know what the next one will be.

Each match starts with your heart full. Keep an eye on it because the enemy wants nothing more than to annihilate you. Thankfully some spells will protect your heart, or heal it even, to keep you in fighting shape.

At the end of each match, when you defeat your foe, a magic scroll will give you your reward. You will be able to exchange those hard earned coins for magical items at the shop.

Solitairica is undeniably a fun game for your iPhone. It’s very clever, wonderfully humorous, well designed and the whole ambiance has the quality of a triple A game. Along with Card Crawl, it joins the pantheon of awesome card based dungeon games.

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  1. It is a very fun game, is classic and modern at the same time really worth it downloaded, I have only praise for the creator of the game, Congratulations. big up!

  2. What a great idea to mix a card game with RPG style. The game is very fun to play and easy to understand, and those RPG elements just makes everything more interesting.

  3. When you do this, the enemy will then make his move. A card from his
    deck will turn and something will happen: may be an attack, may be your
    cards will grow a beard (!), may be the energy type of the cards will
    change, who knows? The fact is, it will keep you on your toes.

  4. This game is amazing.. It droved me crazy & i love it. The developers have made it easy to understand therefore anybody can play it without any difficulty. Thanks again for the creator of this wonderful game..

  5. This game is vary interesting. I always loved games with cards but this one is special. This game remind me on Hardstone game and I love this game. I spend more then 20h playing this game and It is still interesting to play it.

  6. This game is so well-polished I’m very tentatively recommending this. It doesn’t seize to amaze me every run. I’m not only having fun, but also feel like I’m respected by the developers when I play it, you know. A feeling lost for so long that I forgot how to react to It properly, and I’m almost, like, embarrassed to have It.

    It’s great little game along with twists standard solitaire style game. You basically have several decks that have special abilities and strengths or weaknesses to help you while fighting bosses.

    Each ability is broken into different colors and styles of cards, Red-Atk/Blue-Defense/Green-Agility/Purple-Wil. The use of each one of these types is how you build a strategy; each classes (WAR/WIZ/PAL/ROG/Monk/Bard) has its strength cards and special card for its class. Start with Warrior and buy other decks and upgrade decks with color cubes earned by multiple plays and sometimes reward in game. Also items in game to help you with starting additions or Armor and hit points/life (hearts)

  7. google got me here. Thanks!

  8. I must say, as a lot as I enjoyed reading what you had to say, I couldnt help but lose interest after a while.

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