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capitals ios iphone game nimblebit

Capitals: a capture the flag type of word game – Review

If you were to play capture the flag with a scrabble board game, you’d pretty much end up with Capitals, the latest game by Nimblebit. Sure, they usually dabble in cute pixel art apps, such as the vastly popular Tiny Tower, which is a vertical city building game. But don’t let that deter you from this great word game that is Capitals.

This game soft launched in Canada, which is why I was able to enjoy it right now. I’m afraid the rest of the world will have to be patient until May 21st to partake in the frenzy!

You essentially need to drive your opponent off the board by spelling words using the given letter tiles on the board. The bigger the words you spell, the more territory you gain, granted that the tiles are touching your current territory.

You can flip the enemy’s tiles to turn them into your territory if you spell a word using letters that are adjacent to theirs! And that’s where the game become really fun. It’s no longer a simple word game where spelling the longest word matters at all: it becomes a strategy game where each of your moves is crucial.

capitals ios iphone gameplay nimblebit

The game itself has a very minimalistic and colourful look that’s very pleasing to the eyes. While there are no ads in the meanwhile, Nimblebit is well known for using ads as a reward for the player, so we will see how this goes after the worldwide launch.

I ended up playing a game against one of the founders of Nimblebit, which was pretty exciting. Sadly, I think I lost that round. Why am I not even sure? It’s because I played so many games in the past week that my wins and losses are all a big blur!

So that being said, the free options that limits you to 3 lives are definitely not hindering your gameplay. Sure, if you’re a fanatic you could splurge for the Infinite Lives option, but that will set you back $28.99. Yes. Almost $30.00. That wasn’t a typo. Insane right?

So aside from their greed, you’d do well to give Capitals a try, it’s truly a fun word game. And for a much more reasonable $3.49, you get to set your own avatar on the board.

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