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tower rumble ios game

Tower Rumble: Great strategy, good times

Tower Rumble is a strategy action game by Neo Realms that is a fun mix between match three and tower defense games. The basic gameplay involves two groups of soldiers rushing against each other in an attempt to destroy the enemy’s walls. The bottom panel switches between four different color coded types of actions: blue for offensive boosts, red for debuffs against the enemy, green for healing and buffs, and the special yellow fireball and death blocks. towerMatching two or three of the same color creates a combo which will boost your troops. Once you have tapped the action, you can swipe it in whatever direction you need to send that spell to your troops. This is handy to heal troops in another column.

The game has many different modes, from arcade mode for simple play, to campaign mode where you can choose to take on the role of a spoiled prince or princess. In campaign you can hunt for artifacts, mine for gold, improve your armies skills and finally challenge your sibling to battle. The final battle must be done in a certain number of turns.
There is also a two player mode which allows two people to play against each other on the same device. It was a lot easier to play on an ipad so you weren’t flicking each other’s fingers out of the way.
towerThe graphics are basic and very stylized, but the roughness of menus and the campaign map may be a turn off for some players. The gameplay is unique and quick and easy to grasp, but the UI is a little confusing and it is easy to miss places to upgrade your troops or hero.
Ads did not seem very intrusive and there are two methods to dispense of them. Watching some ads will earn you “credits” that you can turn in to play 30 minutes ad free; the other is a small $2.99 one time fee that not only unlocks ads but opens new campaign modes, armies and skins to use.
Tower Rumble was a blast to play two player and had a lot of potential once the UI is learned. The gameplay was fun and interesting, and the art style is different than a lot of games.

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