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prison Escaper ios game

Prison Escaper: Review

Prison Escaper is about a ninja who has been captured and becomes an inmate in a jail.  The game will have you solving puzzles and slashing chains to do battle with the guards and earn you the keys to your freedom.  The game even features an animated cutscene to start you off and explain the goal to you, which is a nice touch compared to the tons of games out there with no context or tutorial. The art is cute and chibi styled and  there is not repetitive music to be heard, just fitting sound effects within the levels.Did we mention this game even has little areas to help your figure out what to do?!

prisonThe gameplay for this game has you trying to knock out the guards in the room with you with a ball and chain hanging from the ceiling.  To slash the chain with your sword you simply swipe the screen in the direction you want it to fall. While the touch detection works great in this game the chains are a bit small so a stylus may be preferred.  As you go along keys will be thrown into the mix that you must make swing into the hands of your ninja friend as well as knocking the guards out. The guards and complexity of the chains will increase with each level, even causing situations where the keys will get stuck on the chains that are still connected below it.  The guards who start out standing still will eventually start to move toward your character at varied time points and speed throughout each level.  There are time limits to each level, so be sure to think fast to not get caught by the guards!

prisonThe biggest downside to this game is the fact that everything is in another language and after so many tries on a puzzle it forces you to watch an ad. The gameplay itself is extremely fun and addictive and will keep you entertained for as long as you care to play it. With all that being said the game is free for downoad on the IOS store and is worth a play if you can get past the ads.

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