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Everclick is a great little clicker game by Kingisle Entertainment.

Everclick is a great little clicker game by Kingisle Entertainment. It is available in the Canadian iTunes store. Like most clicker games, the gameplay is very simple; tap the screen to attack enemies, earn gold and unlock heroes that will add automatic damage per second to your quest. As heroes level up, they can unlock skills which will add to your DPS or click damage.
everThe graphics are really nice, clear and each character has a unique look, voice and battle effects. One of the nice options is being able to click on a hero’s portrait to choose them as your on screen hero. So, even if you have unlocked a multitude of characters but still have a soft spot for one of the early ones, you can play as him or her. Monsters are neat looking and have a sleek stylized look to them that makes them memorable. Levels have different themes so while the heroes  may be fighting dinoraptors in the desert in one area, a few levels later finds them pitted against harpies in a town. It was a nice mix of creatures with some very interesting designs.
The music was a generic adventure sounding tune. The characters each have different sound effects and voice effects, which was really nice.
Ads were unobtrusive and optional. Once in awhile a bonus will float across the screen, upon clicking it either a prize will drop out or you will be asked to watch an ad for a prize.
everDefeating bosses rewards the player with a Time Key. This is a side dungeon which will allow other players to assist you in defeating a large amount of enemies.
As with most clicker games, there are bonus skills that can be used to increase the DPS, as well as huge bonuses bought by gems. Gems seem to drop fairly often, so while it will take a bit to save up, it is always nice to have a way to earn free in game currency.
Everclick is well made, lots of fun and has enough style and differents characters to find a favorite to play. Clicker games are nice because you can play for as long as you like, whether that is playing for an hour trying to get a Time Gate cleared, or checking in for a few minutes and then letting your heroes do the work while the app is closed.

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