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Templar Battleforce: Bloodpumping and Patriotic – Review

Templar Battleforce RPG Free HD

Templar Battleforce, the turn based RPG from Trese brothers, is a tactical focused game with a story both blood pumping and patriotic. It’s also confusing and disturbing, similar to the early history of the United States of America. The story begins with a traveler who left his homeland due to oppression. People of the …

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Orbit: A Cyclic Crescendo – Review


Somewhere deep within the sparkling darkness of the cosmos, a miniature space ship circles endlessly around a brown voxel planet. Marooned in space with presumably malfunctioning circuitry, its only course of survival is to alter its travel speeds and avoid the incoming asteroids. Rory Pickering’s fresh approach to classic arcade games is …

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Save The Planet: Another one bites the dust – Review

save the planet

What is it with the AppStore and spacey-spiralling circle games about little things trying to smash a big thing in the center? First Osmos, then Nukleus, now Save The Planet. Of course with such a non-specific name like Save The Planet, Reventador Games LTD’s second app store release could’ve been …

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Heavy Rockets: Heavy on Value and Fun – Review

Heavy Rockets

There are few iOS games that truly stand out when it comes to evoking the halcyon days of vector-based arcade games while still being relevant to the modern gamer. Such projects often make up for their minimalist graphical style with smooth gameplay and an abundance of content; both challenging feats …

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