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bounty stars

Bounty Stars: I’m Still Free – Review

Since humans first looked up at the stars, one thought has always crossed our minds…Space is AWESOME, and thanks to Bounty Stars from DeNA games, we can explore it in a spectacular new way.

This is a game where you create a captain, collect crew members, and hunt down wanted criminals across the galaxy. One could argue being a space bounty hunter is nothing new, but this game manages to stand out.

bounty starsThere’s a lot of detail to Bounty Stars that guides it, so I’ll just try to explain the process. Once you select your bounty, you choose which crew members and ships you want to send out after your target, and hunt them down by selecting a stop on a branching path. You only get so many moves before your target escapes, so it’s important to try and head in the right direction.

At each stop there’s an event that takes place. These can be story events where you use your party member’s unique social skills to get information, turn based RPG battles, or ship battles out in space. In one of my other reviews I talked about a game that tried to do too many styles of gameplay at once and the game ended up feeling thinly spread, but Bounty Stars manages to make all these elements work in its favor. Each type of event you can run into has simple mechanics and everything works together to help you meet your end goal.

bounty starsDue to the randomized nature of missions, there’s a lot of play value on offer here. The visuals are great, the characters all feel interesting and engaging, the music is phenomenal, reminding me of Firefly, and the dialogue is surprisingly hilarious. This is a great universe DeNA has put together.

If I had to throw out any complaints, it’s that everything seems a little small. Everything from the font, the characters, the menus all feel a bit small, and trying to play this game on a tiny phone screen can be trying at times. I think a game like this would be better suited for a larger tablet or even a PC release.

Overall, I’m a big fan of Bounty Stars. Interesting characters, simplistic yet well defined mechanics, great music, engaging writing, and a lot on offer for players. I’m probably going to keep playing it once I finish this review. If you’re looking for a high action, high humor, space exploring adventure, I give Bounty Stars a firm recommendation.

About John Scott

John C. Scott is a former cartoonist and professional writer who grew up in Hawaii. When he's not playing video games, he's discussing them on his YouTube channel, Strain42

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  1. This is a great game which drived me crazy almost. In here we are to be a captain which is the most interesing thing. Well done!!

  2. It’s a very interesting game and I love the graphics! It’s one one of the best games I have seen recently. I’m hoping for an update.

  3. very good game i recomande it for evry one,this game has a good interface and a magic fluidity, try it =) good game all

  4. Another user named ujames mentioned seeing a 3 Star bounty show up, listed for 35,000 Units on his d jump, but didn’t go after it because he was still in his starter ship.

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