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space for two

Space for Two: fun little space shooter – Review

The game Space for Two is meant to be played by two people on opposite sides of the screen with each controlling a spaceship which shoots lasers constantly.

The graphics are simple and streamlined. It is easy to follow ship movements and enemies even when a lot is going on at once. Enemies appear on the screen flying from different directions and it is necessary to avoid both the ships and their bullets. A red glow will appear when ships are about to swarm in behind your player. Crashing into a ship or being hit by bullets causes both players to lose the game.

space for twoThe controls are also very easy, using one finger to move the spaceship and a tap to detonate bomb power ups. Unless the device’s screen is very small, two people will have no problem directing their spaceships and avoiding enemies at the same time. There seems to be an invisible “border” across the center that your player cannot cross, so the game doesn’t become a version of Space Twister because you are trying to avoid your partner’s fingers. You each stay on your side of the playing field so there is no confusion. Power ups appear on screen and you can also buy power ups before starting the game using “stardust”, the game’s premium currency.

space for twoThe stardust is often dropped by enemy ships so you can earn it without paying real money. There are also unlockable ships that give bonuses to different attributes. The ship designs are interesting and different from each other while making the game enjoyable.

For an added challenge, you can play the game on your own, using one hand for each side to control your ships independently. It is still easy to tell what is going on during the action and can be a fun game even solo.

Ads are optional and will earn you stardust. They are in the menu to buy stardust, so they are out of the way and do not interrupt or impact the gameplay at all.

Overall though, Space for Two is a fun game with clean graphics that can be enjoyed solo or preferably with a friend.

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  1. This game is awesome and interesting, I play it a lot. It’s free and great. Thumbs up for this. 🙂

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