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burnout city

Burnout City: Casual Driving Game – Review

Burnout City, published by DaeriSoft, is a casual driving action game involving stealing a car and avoiding police. Your car automatically has the gas pedal to the floor and you must press left and right to steer your wild ride past police cars, buildings, buses and roadblocks. You can reverse by holding both sides of the screen, handy for when a pile of police cars descend on your getaway car. The graphics are very basic but suit the game well as a lot can be going on at once and with the simple colors and models it’s never confusing.

Burnout cityControls take a little getting used to but once you settle into the flow of the game it gets much easier. You can pick up suitcases to start delivery missions which are fulfilled by following the arrow and getting to the goal. There are also missions available from the main menu, such as “finish x getaway missions” that will give you rewards.

Ads were only slightly intrusive in Burnout City, with one coming on every few games or so, but in my experience the ones that came up were not videos and easily closed. You can also watch ads to gain coins which can then be used in the “Vehicle Draw” to grab yourself a new car. I started with a black simple car and ended up with a blue and red racecar which went much faster but handled slower. Burnout cityYou can also buy cars from the shop; using the coins and in app purchases.

The game is very quick, most rounds only last a minute or two as your wanted level goes up and more and more police chase you down. Roadblocks  are set up and a gun toting helicopter comes out.

My main complaint about Burnout City is that there does not seem to be any plot or gameplay past “one minute of driving around crazy and crashing into things” but for a lot of people, that’s all the gameplay needed. This is a fun casual game to play for a couple minutes to relieve some stress or have fun and then go on with your day.

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  1. I play this game two weeks and I can say it’s very interesting game. I like driving action games. The controls are very easy and the graphics are very nice. I recommend this game to everyone.

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