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cave blast

Cave Blast: A Mini Shoot-em-up – Review

Shoot em ups and pigs clash together in this app game titled Cave Blast.  What’s  a shoot em up you ask? Why, it’s a form of game where you move around a screen and shoot oncoming enemies in each direction.  The point of a shoot em up is to get the best score over other players and to go the most amount of time you can without taking damage.  In Cave Blast though it’s a lot more laid back as you have multiple hearts instead of 3 and you can easily regain health by killing enemies. The game also offers multiple upgrades while in play to make your experience even more entertaining than frustratingly hard.

cave blastSo, first off this game has a touch screen controller consisting of two thumbsticks you use for shooting and flight control.  To my surprise, they work absolutely fantastic, just as if you are using an old school controller. The game also gives the option to adjust the touch screen controller by enlarging or spacing them out to fit your perfect thumb size for optimal play. The control itself will catch you a little off-guard at first if you’ve never used them before, but they control perfectly after the initial learning process making both your pigs flight and aiming completely easy to use.  The game also keeps from teetering on the unbelievably hard scale, while increasing its difficulty slightly enough to keep your attention with each passing second.

The game design itself is fun with multiple upgrades you can pick up in play that change your gun into different forms such as; a minigun, a chicken, and giving it rapid fire abilities. On top of that you unlock new costumes for your pig based on the scores you earn, like a batman costume. The music is also pretty great and matches the tempo of the game perfectly while at the same time making sure it doesn’t become an annoying loop track by sticking with a techno beat.  The game also has a lot of piggy based comedy lines that will pop up during gameplay, but don’t get too distracted though or the evil cave birds will get you.

cave blastOverall, this game is pretty great for an app game. The gameplay is completely smooth and is a great introduction to touch screen controls which are becoming increasingly popular. The app is also completely free other than some in-game power-ups you can elect to earn by watching videos to give you an added edge. The enemy designs are also simple and cute with the occasional giant boss  that will pop up for you to defeat for treasure troves of points.  If you have some down time and want a great free game to try your skills at definitely download Cave Blast from the AppStore and give it a shot!

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Jessica has been a gamer since she could hold a controller in her hands. She resides in a very small Virginia town that is surrounded by mountains. She loves telling people about the worlds she wanders through and seeing someone's world expand through finding a game they love through her articles. She also really loves furry companions and has taken in several rescues throughout the years, When not playing games you can find her under a warm blanket sampling different teas while reading graphic novels.

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