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color twin

Color Twin: Complex and confusing game of colors – Review

Color Twin is a confusing colorful game by Aman Jain. The tagline is “Don’t Take it Easy” and the game lives up to this in every way possible.

Upon opening the app, before even getting to the title screen an ad pops up. It’s not skippable until the countdown timer runs out. Ads also pop up every so often, mostly after a game is finished, but seeing one before even seeing the main menu was very frustrating.

color twinThe gameplay is not described in Color Twin at all. There is no “how to” or tutorial or even a screen explaining anything. I had to go back to the AppStore to read the description to see how the game is played. It would have been great to have just a simple how-to since the game itself is very easy to learn once you know what you are doing.

Gameplay turns out to be like so: you are given a grid of circles which slowly fill with dots of different colors and your aim is to delay the grid filling up by grabbing a dot of a color and dragging it over to it’s twin. Every twenty matches the speed at which the grid fills up increases. Once the grid fills up you receive your score and usually an ad. There do not seem to be any levels and this is the only gameplay mode.

color twinGraphics are very basic in Color Twin. The colored dots are a mixture of interesting hues, not just red, blue and yellow. The gameplay feedback didn’t seem to lag at all and there was no issue grabbing dots and dragging them around. The music was very generic but not annoying.

Games last only a minute or so, as the speed of the grid filling itself increases quickly. Every twenty matches the screen clears with a cheerful “Nice!” or “Cool!” to raise your morale while you start matching as fast as possible.

The main annoying aspect of Color Twin isn’t the lack of instructions, or the basic gameplay, but the intrusiveness of the ads. Otherwise the game is a quick easy puzzle app and could be fun for a few mindless minutes.

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  1. Tried this game and first I must say that the amount of ads is pretty annoying. The game itself is not that bad, but it becomes repetitive after a while like all other puzzle games.

  2. this game is another kind of puzzle game. its very interesting after completing some levels. cool and simple graphics easy to play. I thought now i am addicted to this game. i recommend this cool game for everyone

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