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Cubion: The Box Hopper With An Identity Crisis – Review

Though listed on the App Store as Cubion, this timing based infinite scroller appears on your phone as Boxhop. It’s a confusing blunder to start, with the word ‘Cubion‘ appearing nowhere in-game i’m lead to believe a last minute name change didn’t quite make it over to the folks at Apple. Don’t let this put you off however, as Cubion / Boxhop (whatever you want to call it) makes for quite the thumb tickler despite a few flaws.

box-hopThe premise of the game sees you play as a cute box creature as they stand off against the spiky obstacles of their world (as well as some Lego-type enemies). It’s your average addictive tapper, seeing an average of about four seconds per play to begin with and gradually building momentum after a few hours of rage quitting. While the endless-jump-tap genre seems to be gathering its successes on the App Store, it’s not an easy win for development. In fact, Cubion (that’s what i’ve decided to go with) has a few too many gameplay issues to let it stand with the big flappy ornithological contenders.

In what seems like an obvious design oversight, one of the smaller spikes in your way blends seamlessly with the grey of your platform. It’s a frustrating moment, especially after a particularly good streak, and a defeat that feels painlessly unnecessary. A sudden change in pace also often leads to some phone flinging, when a rhythmic jump pattern between seemingly equal distanced obstacles falls flat due to either a level speed up or a slightly misplaced spike. It’s a gameplay mechanic that keeps you on your toes, albeit one that is regularly responsible for my angry twitch towards the home button.

box-hopSaying this however, i rarely encountered any lagging problems or crashes with Cubion, which is impressive considering its relatively large play potential. With various characters all seeking to make a play even cuter, and changing mechanics for various differing obstacles (a double tap allows an extra hop in the air) there is a good level of variety to enjoy if you make it that far.

While often dithering on the side of unnecessarily frustrating, Cubion does manage to grab my eye when i’m browsing my home screen. Its simple visual aesthetics make for a clean, distraction free experience and small touches like seeing your jump trail behind you make for a particularly satisfying high score.

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