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quick drop

Quick Drop: hang on to your phone – Review

Those awkward elevator moments are no more, thanks to Toronto-based Woolly Walrus’s strategic tap experience Quick Drop. Simply drop your elevator passengers at the floor matching their corresponding colour and symbol in a timely fashion to beat this Unity-made tap title. That’s a lot easier said than done however, and once rush hour hits you’ll be a bit more forgiving next time you’re forced to take the stairs. It would be easy to make several puns about an elevator themed game, but I just can’t come up with any… (geddit?)

quick-dropRepeatedly tap the screen to move the elevator to higher floors, and tap the elevator itself to stop on the floor you’re on before simply allowing the elevator to drop to a floor below, catching it before it plummets to its nightmarish death, or continue your journey upwards. From there it’s a question of strategically and efficiently juggling your passengers’ needs while further colours are added and levels of use increase. Initial levels allow for a satisfying delegation of patient passengers however people quickly turn when they’ve been waiting a while. Thankfully each floor with waiting passengers affords a countdown mechanic, that if accessed before reaching the end will save you from the ‘slow service’ screen that signals game over. Similarly, during periods of particularly heavy service, a bar on top of the screen flashes floors that are in danger of causing overspill. There’s tactics to be found in this indicator, it’s possibly what makes the game so tantalisingly successful in its execution. It brings the experience away from frantic tapping to strategic and almost calmly cool mapping of the situation.

quick-dropIn fact, even when the elevator is at its 9-passenger capacity, gameplay remains un-fragmented. Because every stop will yield results in the releasing of certain passengers and the undertaking of new ones, the player is constantly progressing with gameplay. We don’t have a Tetris rapid build up of inescapable doom leaving the player in a devastating acceptance of their own defeat before that game over screen. It’s these solid gameplay mechanics that make Quick Drop so special.

Simple visuals serve this title well. When you’re neck deep in angry passengers each with specific floor needs, the brightly fluorescent markers of each floor are a welcome sparsity and the bald stick characters and their simple symbols offer an uncluttered play space that could very easily become a mess.

Simplicity really is the clincher in this deal, with straightforward tap controls and clear cut goals, Quick Drop is a clean experience on so many levels (ok that one was a giveaway).

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After being handed the controller to Golden Eye on N64 at around 5, Tabs has spent her time poring over anything game-related. From constantly replaying the same Crash Bandicoot demo on PS1, to plunging deep into her favourite titles until the early hours every night, she has grown up obsessed with video game culture and experience.

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  1. I was hoping to run a tank, and was deciding between the warrior and stalker.
    I’ve always preferred tanks with more mobility .
    I’ve heard that warriors are not good because they do less damage and have no threat, whereas stalkers have everything.

  2. Lol oh man these games are so fun and my favorite I enjoyed this game so much I recommend it for everyone who is looking for some crazy fun time !

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