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endless frontier saga ios review

Endless Frontier Saga: idle role playing – iOS Game Review

Endless Frontier Saga is a combination of a variety of different genres that I was not expecting. Although being a hybrid isn’t always what people want out of an iOS game so we’re here to let you know if Endless Frontier is your cup of tea!

endless frontierEndless Frontier Saga starts out by throwing you into a cutscene while your character gets all their troops defeated by a powerful enemy. Afterwards, you are thrown directly into gameplay with only a couple of indicators of what the game is and how it plays. While some games benefit from quick tutorials, Endless Frontier Saga leaves a little to much to the imagination for a game with several different features. I was struggling to understand what certain things on my screen were and had to search out the information on my own, and due to the game being a hybrid my previous experience did not help much.

endless frontierAlthough the tutorial is a miss, the game is an interesting combination of business sim and dungeon crawler. While you use gold to unlock quests that are simple load bars that don’t interrupt combat and set them to auto-complete repetitively to generate gold, your units side scroll the top screen to face off with over 4000 different waves of enemies. The gold you generate can also be used to upgrade your units and increase your gold rewards for each quest. However, to purchase more units you require medals which are earned from a revival, which I was unable to find any in-game information on how to complete.

All in all Endless Frontier Saga does have open-ended gameplay as units and quests can be upgraded seemingly endlessly, but without much information to get you started it can be quite frustrating. Just as well the quests can range in completion time from 1 second to 30 minutes and the wait can get a bit tedious. But if you enjoy making your store of gold rise ever higher and upgrading troops Endless Frontier Saga has exactly that, and with low battery usage, you can allow it to run in the background at all times to raise your treasure trove. The game will also generate gold and progresses your game for up to 12 hours after you stop playing, which is a nice added bonus.

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