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Idle Armies

Idle Armies Review

Idle Armies is a fee to play clicker RPG. You begin with Ivan the Viking who has a sword and shield on the top lane. And yes like a MOBA this game has designated lanes of defense. Anyway you’ll auto scroll from left to right with enemies advancing on your quest. In order to attack you simply tap the screen and voila, enemies die.

idleAs you progress through the game and earn gold for your kills, you’ll accrue an army, each assigned specifically to the next lane. There’s a thief, mage, archer and so forth each with their own talents. Not only that, but you can level up each hero with gold along with purchasing buffs and spells. By and large you’ll get overpowered very fast especially if you come back the next day for as most clickers the game will play itself earning you a ridiculous amount of gold. There are micro transactions in the game, but there’s ridiculously no need to contribute to Idle Armies’ staff with the amount of gold it shoves at you just from ignoring it.

idleNow I’m not one for clickers and while I do like the pixel appeal and the dumb, but corny humor the characters shout back and forth occasionally, I found it too easy to care about it. That said the one thing I do applaud is it having an evil campaign wherein you can swap between the good and bad armies. Instead of going left to right you go right to left, fighting soldiers and villagers instead of monsters. It’s quite fun to let your bad self roll out.

Idle Armies is exactly what the name implies. The more you leave it alone the better you become. Had there been an ease to the overpowering, or some other catch maybe I would have enjoyed this more, but to me it just wasn’t fun and kind of pointless honestly.


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