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fuse up

Fuse Up: Pestering Ads Match-3 – Review

Fuse Up is a fun little puzzle game by Animanya Games. The gameplay is simple, you have a grid upon which the faces of dice, numbered 1 through 6, will appear.  You can slide the rows or columns horizontally or vertically to match into groups of three, which will then merge into the next corresponding number. When you match three or more 6s, a rainbow colored core appears. Matching three of these rainbow-colored course will create an explosion which will clear the board of some of the other  numbers;  however you only have 7 moves in which to match the rainbow cars before they are burned out and  cannot be used,  instead becoming an obstacle. Every time you make a move new numbers appear and the game is over when the Grid is full and the computer cannot add any more numbers to the board. You get bonus points by creating combos and at the end of the game you can share your score.

fuse upThe graphics are very bright and colorful and each number has a very distinct color so it’s never confusing. The controls are very smooth, Pulling a row of column along far enough to wrap around to the other side which can be very helpful. There is no music, but the sound effects are pleasing and fit the game very well. The gameplay is easy to learn.

fuse upThe biggest issue with Fuse Up, is the amount of ads that are involuntary and intrusive. Upon losing a game off and you’ll be met with a video ad that is unable to be skipped. Once this ad has been closed, pressing the replay button will often pop up another advertisement. Sometimes, closing an ad will simply bring up another one of the same ad. Sometimes the X needed to close the ad won’t appear at all, Which forces you to close the application and restart. It became amusing when I kept getting ads for a very similar game.

Fuse Up would be a fun relaxing puzzle game, except for the inclusion of intrusive advertisements and the unavoidable commercials. Even if you have the patience to wait through the ads, it gets very frustrating to have to restart the app when you can’t get back to your game.

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