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six ios game

Six: The Tower Destroyer – iOS Game Review

GramGames has released a tacky puzzle game dubbed Six!.

It is almost an “anti-stacking” game, as instead of trying to balance a tower by building up, the aim is to remove blocks to progress lower and lower. All the while, a hexagon block is perching on your tower, and by removing blocks incorrectly the hexagon will roll off the tower, ending the game. Depending on the game mode, the goal can be either to get as low as possible before failing or to reach the base and remove all blocks. If the hexagon falls, you do have a last-ditch effort to click as many blocks as possible to reach that high score.

sixThe graphics are very colorful and cheery and go well with the game. Stars earned during levels or by watching ads can be used to purchase new colors for the hexagon block. The tower slowly changes colors as you progress lower and lower. The menus were easy to navigate.

There sadly is no music in the background, which made the otherwise chipper popping sounds of the game a little grating. Sound can be turned off in the main menu though, so it wasn’t a big issue.

sixThere are two modes in the game, normal which seems to be endless and challenge, which has a set number of blocks which you have to remove. In the challenge mode, your goal is to bring the hexagon down to the base of the tower. You receive stars for completing these levels. There are Daily Challenges, which change every 24 hours, and 198 regular levels which you can attempt whenever you would like.

Ads were constant banners and sometimes irritating interruptions after a level was lost. You do not receive any stars for these ads. It would have been nice to simply confine the ads to the reward button.

Six! was a fun game and very challenging. Games very quick and fun, and every time a level was lost it was obvious what mistake had been made. This app is good for a quick play or sitting down for a while to tackle some of the puzzle levels.

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