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stay with us

Stay With Us: common horror fare – Review

The horror genre is one I’ve seen few good entries for in the iOS field, so I was looking forward to something special in Stay With Us.

The game starts with you in a dark forest unsure of why you’re there. The story is told through your character’s monologue which appears as text on the screen. You’re guided to light as you hear a strange and ominous clicking somewhere around you. The character comments that light makes them feel safe but you have to press onward to find anything. Eventually you will find a candle and once it is picked up you’re told you have to collect 16 of them to put to rest some sort of spirit that is after you.

stay with usRealistically, the game plays exactly like the original Slender game from a few years ago, but instead of an immobile enemy that teleports and notes to pick up, there’s a strange crawling girl and candles this time. You move through the forest avoiding being caught by the girl and collect the candles, and once you’ve done that you must set them all in a circle around her grave and find an exit from the forest. All the while you can use the various lamp posts to make her disappear for a short time to make finding candles or the exit easier, but there are only so many in the game and once the girl is damaged by them the lights go out for good.



Stay With Us‘s atmosphere is a little bit creepy, but nothing too overwhelming you’re in a graveyard/park which is pretty common horror fare. The monster in the game is the basic Unity monster girl, but she still can give you a pretty good jump scare at first. The 3D graphics are also pretty cool for a touch screen and the controls are a touch screen controller which is generally pretty responsive to your touch. One really cool thing about the game is it’s so dim even with your backlight turned up that it kind of forces you to play in the dark to see.

Stay With Us runs fairly well and is a good alternative to the slender type games if you’re looking for something similar for mobile play, although it does have the occasional bug.

All in all, it’s a solid horror entry for mobile players looking for something to play in the dark once the Halloween season gets here.  The game will cost you 0.99$ USD but, has a lite version you can download and try before you commit to buying it!

About Jessica Dillon

Jessica has been a gamer since she could hold a controller in her hands. She resides in a very small Virginia town that is surrounded by mountains. She loves telling people about the worlds she wanders through and seeing someone's world expand through finding a game they love through her articles. She also really loves furry companions and has taken in several rescues throughout the years, When not playing games you can find her under a warm blanket sampling different teas while reading graphic novels.

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  1. The visual appereance of the game is so prehistoric. I believe that the crawling scary girl will always have that scary effect but someone should really invent something more original.

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