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Jae Yang

Cause I am Jae Yang, yes I am the real Jae Yang.
All you other Jae Yang are just imitating.
So won’t the real Jae Yang please stand up.
Please stand up, Please stand up.

Tonguey: Next Level Rock, Paper, Scissors game – Review


‘Rock, paper, scissors’ is most of our first game that we learned. The noble game is an excellent pastime, an argument settler, and an infinite source of philosophical quests, such as ‘how exactly paper win against rocks?’, especially when intoxicated. The only downside of the game is that it requires …

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Switchy Sides: an unenjoyable fashion show – Review

switchy sides

Do you remember your first smartphone with a touchscreen? Do you remember how everyone completely lost their MIND about it? For mobile games especially, it was absolutely mind-blowing to play something that allows you to manipulate your character without being bounded by some buttons like caged animals. Switchy Sides by …

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Templar Battleforce: Bloodpumping and Patriotic – Review

Templar Battleforce RPG Free HD

Templar Battleforce, the turn based RPG from Trese brothers, is a tactical focused game with a story both blood pumping and patriotic. It’s also confusing and disturbing, similar to the early history of the United States of America. The story begins with a traveler who left his homeland due to oppression. People of the …

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SkullyDodge: Avoid the fires of hell – Review


SkullyDodge is the mobile game equivalent of the ‘bullet hell’ games that many of you might be familiar with. The player controls an adorable skull character to dodge hellfire that rains upon it. Obviously, longer it survives, the higher the score. However, because the skull isn’t able to fight back …

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