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angry bedous

Angry Bedous: Retro Flash Game on Mobile – Review

My younger sister used to play a lot of flash games when she was a child. The kind of games that I called stupid. And not really a game. The games where the player is a “chef” and asked to build a burger (or sometimes a pizza) by clicking different ingredients in right order. Or being a babysitter that needs to give right kind of cookies to cute widdle babies. There was something missing in those game. Something  that kept me from joining in with her or even just watch her play.What a great irony that I am now force to play such a game.

I will attempt to explore my inner self and my childhood to find out why those flash games looked (and honestly still are) so silly to me by using Angry Bedous by Gorlami Studio as an example. Because frankly, this game didn’t evolve that far away from those games that turned my sister into a machine that builds pizzas that aren’t even HD quality.

angry bedousFirst of all, it has absolutely NO context. In fact, Angry Bedous has even less context than the game where you become a chef and serve those pesky psychopaths who wants lettuce in between two patties in his burger. When you press play, the game asks you to choose a Bedou. Then, the game just jumps into the “action”. You feed whatever the Bedou desires from the bottom of your screen by tapping and keeping it happy. But soon the Bedou wants you to work faster and get a little upset if you don’t meet his/her need.

So at this point, if you are like me, you ask yourself: who or what the HELL are Bedous and WHY am I feeding them? Surely, the great minds who made this game can shine some light in this matter, right? According to them, Bedous are
“…old entit[ies] that live inside every one of us. They usually remain asleep, but if you don’t give them what they ask, they will began to take control. Be careful with your choices, if you make a mistake, you will get one step closer to see they take over and destroy everything and everyone, including you and themselves.”

Ok, what? So am I looking at the mind of some people where the said entity resides? Or is this person being hulkified because I am bad at feeding a jerk who constantly demands stuff? Whatever, some games just don’t have much background story anyways right? Let’s move on.

I LOVE how this game didn’t bother to make it look or sound fancy. It is almost like they didn’t care. Sure, some might say Angry Bedous has certain kind of charm that reminds them of more simple time. Or that time when they tried to learn Adobe Flash and made something for the first time. Well, I might be a jerk to expect something that is more decent looking than a game that looks like it jumped out of the past when playing games on a CRT monitor was a only option.

To conclude, I must say I just had a better taste in games than my sister even when I was a child. I just did not like games that are crummy, simple, and boring. Oh what a pompous little jerk I was. It is good to reconnect with my childhood and get a better understanding of myself. I guess it isn’t too bad to look back into those games from the past… IT WAS MADE IN July THIS YEAR?!? But hey, this is just my opinion and just saying it wasn’t MY cup of tea. If you like this kind of more retro-feel games to kill some time, go ahead and tap away.

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  1. this is kind of an interesting game, it reminds us that we all have an inner hidden side that we are afraid to let in the open. A game that allows us to share this part is not only psychologically correct but innovative! try it out

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