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Agricola All Creatures Big and Small : The Classic Board Game on Mobile – Review

Agricola : All Creatures Big and Small’ is a new mobile game that is based on the board game with the same name, which itself is a simplified and modified version of another board game called Agricola. In this mobile game adaptation of the classic board game, a player is a rancher who is competing against another rancher to be a farmowner with the largest herd in the neighborhood.


The objective of this game and how to play is relatively simple compared to other board games or the original version of this game, especially if you get to read about it on a review. However, it may confuse players who are new to this kind of game, and/or a player like me who skimmed through the tutorial, which in my defense, was too long and wordy. Granted, it has unusual learning curve for a mobile game. However, it is not that difficult to get the hang of it once you play it couple of times.

Agricola : All Creatures Big and Small is true to its original board game heritage and feels and plays like it too. Due to the nature of the game, there are a lot of information that a player has to be mindful of, but thanks to very intuitive layout and user interface design, the screen doesn’t look cumbersome. All the informations are easily accessible by tapping on the unit and the tooltips are clear and straight-forward.

Also, the music of this game is rather high quality, meaning it flows very well without being interrupted, and quite well fitting to the theme of the game. It is calm and idyllic, I suppose it is nice to have a game that isn’t all about rushing or exploding time to time. But don’t get me wrong, this game is far from loose or boring.


Because the animals that you will own will breed like, well, animals, once you own two of the same kind, keeping up with the explosive population of sheeps, cows, horses, or pigs is not an easy task. The player must be smart about the use of limited turns of workers and supplies of resources. And all these only last for 8 rounds, which takes about 15 to 20 minutes to play. So you can imagine how intensively compact the gameplay would be.

Speaking of gameplay, the game features various multiplay and singleplay modes, so you can play with either your friend, stranger, or NPC. Although the A.I. of the NPC isn’t the best, it does good enough job of being a practice dummy.

Despite all this, the most important matter of a game, the enjoyment of a player, entirely depends on the player. Obviously, this game will not be very suitable for a lot of general mobile gamers who wants quick and instant entertainment. Arguably, this isn’t entirely an ‘original’ game, but I believe it is important to have a game like this that can cater to people who are willing to take time to learn and appreciate Agricola : All Creatures Big and Small. If you think you are one of those people, you can download the game in following link.

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  1. Well, if you love board games, you got to have this game. Its not only cool but if you’re a rancher, it can be more educative and informative as well. Not only do you compete against other rangers, but you also gain insight on farm improvements, so what do you say guys??? is it not just lovely and more mature, a board game that is educative as well as entertaining, who can say no to that.

  2. As a board game fan I had to try this game. I am playing a lot of farming games in my spare time,and this one took my breath.Amazingly interesting game,it’s reach with graphics as well and it took No.1 game in my free time.
    Highly recommended!

  3. Really fun, fast and light application. One of the recent games, I am very much happy to recommend to all. Interesting to the last bit. Pretty much addictive game. Great graphics and commands. Good for all ages. I wish you to enjoy as I do.

  4. I recently gathering information and want to play these types of board games, when I found this website I am happy to know more about board games, now I also got new information’s about these games, thanks to this article writer.

  5. The great surprise is that within the relatively simple framework.I love the number of possibilities with the improvements and occupations you can draw. I love how your plot of land grows and transforms into something completely different by the end of the game.

    • yes, this is a very well designed game in terms of UI and the graphic effect. it is hard to make a classic board game into a mobile game and maintain the ‘feel’ of it but i think they have done a great job.

  6. I love to spend my leisure time playing games and this is one of the board games, I started playing recently and that has got my interest. The game has awesome graphics, nice user interface and is addictive.

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