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Cubitecture: Simple and fun

Cubitecture is a building puzzle game by Lisa Banks. The game’s concept is very simple: a structure is built by the player block by block while trying to stay balanced on a small platform. The new block rotates through different positions and it is all in the timing and planning by the player to stop the block where they want it to be and build a stable structure. It seems like a good idea  to just build upward but one mistake and the whole pillar can come falling down.

cubitectureThe graphics are very simple but don’t need to be any more complicated than they are. You can choose from a variety of block types to play with, including some patterned blocks. There do not seem to be unlockable block patterns.  It would be cool to see more of these show up in updates.

The music has an eerie, jaunty feel to it and while it doesn’t seem to fit the gameplay very well it never got tedious or repetitive. I found it great to play while listening to podcasts.

The gameplay is a lot of fun. The tagline of “Don’t Just Play, Create!” and the lack of a timer of any sort made the game relaxing and fun to learn. Gameplay can get slightly tedious if you spend the time to learn timing and build a stable base but it was always interesting and fun. As you rise in height in Cubitecture, the new block changes position faster, making decisions and planning difficult. There is a nice sense of accomplishment accidentally veering off to the side and bringing the building block back to the main structure. At the end of a level you can share your creation with friends through messages or Facebook.

cubitectureAds are only slightly intrusive, popping up after a game ends. They are screen panels only and you can exit them immediately. There does not seem to be any in app purchases or ad unlockable content.

Cubitecture is a fun game to open and play when you would like to have a little downtime and stretch your brain muscles a bit. It can be both stressful and stress relieving which is a good combination for puzzle games.

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  1. Celestine Nwachukwu

    The article about this game is interesting. As a gamer, I like the old fashioned style of games. Cubitecture reminds me a lot about Tetris.

  2. this is awesome game, it is fun from beginning ,Game play can get slightly tedious if you spend the time to learn timing .i recommend all of you to play .

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