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get 13

Get 13: A Game for Puzzle Lovers – Review

Do you remember when you had to write a resume for the first time? No matter what the job was, we always included that biggest lie ever told in HR history- great attention to details. Well, this game may actually help you to be that detail oriented person that you always pretended to be.

Get 13 by Thumbspire inc. is a simple concept game in which the player is asked to merge any numbered pods in a single line to add up to, or until, ‘get 13’. The game set you off with a very simple ‘tutorial’ before it pushes your back and say; hey, you are ready now, have fun! Even though I personally went ‘oh sh¡t, I am?’ after the game’s ‘here is a handle and here is a brake’ kind of tutorial, the concept was straight-forward enough to be enjoyable.

get 13Though this reviewer thought it is impossible to lose in this game, the game has proven to has a lot more depth, and surprisingly challenging, than it initially appeared to be. A player will have to decide where the new number pod will appear after it is being merged, which numbers should be merged first, and how the merges should be made so it takes out as little ‘leftover’ numbers behind.

This simple game is calming, thanks to no explosion effects or bright neon coloured items that makes players feel like it will cause seizure. There is no background music to distract you, just simple bloops and bleeps when you merge the pods. The pods are coloured and labeled so it is easy to be differentiated but not so much so it tires out eyes. This game is simple but far from mind-numbing.

Get 13 is clearly a game that is made by people who like puzzles. The game doesn’t bother the player to use a booster when the player is in thought to decide the next move. The game doesn’t act like your friend who played the game before and constantly trying to ‘help’ you by spoiling the game. The game just wants you to get to 13, and it wants you to get good at it. It is a game that you can play when you want to be left alone with puzzle and a cup of tea. I don’t think there are that many games that can be called that anymore, which should be a good enough pitch for Get 13.

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  1. As a puzzle games lover and addict , I must say this game is looking very interesting .The concept is really simple but it’s looks like with progression it will turn to a beast of a game which is satisfying especially after a successful stage .

  2. i really enjoyed playing puzzle games back in the days, i can assure you that this game is one of the best puzzle games. the game is really interesting and good quality overall.

  3. I like brain games. This game is interesting and i think everybody should play it. It’s full of fun and interesting features.I just love this game..

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