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spellbinders free ios game

Spellbinders Review

Spellbinders is a clash between a tower defense game and a MOBA. The game is all about gods, or Titans, facing each other through battles that seem to mirror modern sports, using minions to do their deeds. The goal is to reduce the enemy health to zero and there are various ways to accomplish this.

Like a MOBA, Spellbinders has three lanes. In the middle of each side there are cannons that, when touched by either opposition, will be gained for a set amount of time, or until the other player takes control. The cannons will sporadically hit for 1 point, but you also have a horde of monsters at your disposable as well each with a summoning cost. For example, a small basic unit costs 3 mana while the largest of that type costs 7. Mana will regain over time, or you can use a one-time mana crystal to restore a portion of it to boost your chances of victory.

spellbinders1Each hero varies in use. A bomber is a kamikaze with great power, but very weak health. The aforementioned basic units are well rounded then of course there are ranged types as well and the list goes on. You can also have one legendary creature in your deck per match, which again, all have various effects. There’s also spells to use as well like an ice attack that’ll freeze creatures to their spot in order to halt an enemy assault.

spellbindersSpellbinders starts with a somewhat lengthy tutorial to sort of ease players in and get comfortable with the mechanics. Past that it’s all PvP. There’s no other modes, but you can increase a plethora of aspects to your chosen Titan, his minions as well as unlock new Titans to take over as well. It’s very reminiscent of Clash Royale in a lot of ways from the gameplay to just how you unlock content. That was a game I was equally addicted to but grew tired of fast as the game becomes increasingly impossible to win without forking over real money to boost your prowess. It’s the same law here, but despite that I had a good time.

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