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Invady World

Invady Worlds: Sisyphus in Pac-Man World – Review

Roam the earth to devour whatever you find on the ground, avoid the aliens, and take revenge on them with a help of a mysterious substance… That’s right! It is PacMa…I mean, Invady Worlds! Frankly though, it would be not fair for the beloved classic arcade game to be compared with this patchwork of a game despite the numerous similarities.

Much like Pac-Man from the 80s, the goal of this game is avoid the enemies and grab coins. The similarities don’t end there. Invady Worlds, much like Pac-Man, gives a sort of ‘powerup’ item that generates randomly in the stage that makes the player invulnerable and ability to attack the enemies. The only difference is, however, that this game has no end, and therefore no real goal in a stage. No matter how long you survive, no matter how many coins you swallow, you will always be stuck in that boxy-pixelated-hell with hordes of bloodthirsty Telletubbies that chase, shoot, and pounce at you.

invady worldThe only ‘goal’ this game seems to have is, apart from maybe to make us appreciate what a great game Pac-Man was, make the player to grab enough coins to unlock 9 characters to move to different stages. Then the same routine of run, grab coins, die again. This Greek mythological punishment of a game does not stop there. The key of advancement, unlocking characters, is randomized, which means after the series of agonizing marathon with the aliens that cackles annoyingly when they catches you and kill you on the spot, there is a chance of you getting the same character. You may think, ‘nobody is that sadistic, Jae. Surely they will give you something for getting a duplicated character. After all, you worked hard to get all that coins’. Well, my beloved readers, you must have forgotten that gods of Invady World are cruel and their entertainment is from our suffering.

Lo, but this game is not all sadistic and horrible! At least the game gives us over 90 adorable avatars to unlock. Alas, it is great sadness to tell you that apart from the unlocking of the avatars being main, and only goal, therefore mandatory activity of this game, all those avatars have absolutely exactly the same as each other other than their appearance.

If I had time, I would talk about how this game has awkward control, repeatable music that is guaranteed to cause some ungodly problem to the player’s psyche, and enemies that sounds suspiciously similar to Minions and therefore effectively ruined one of my favourite animation franchise for me. But that would be a waste of my time, like playing this game was. So if you, unlike me, are not getting paid to play this and talk about how it was, stay clear of this game. Even if you are getting paid to play this game, don’t. Because you will spend more money on therapy after playing Invady Worlds.  

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  1. I am the player who invulnerable and ability to attack the enemies. No matter how long i survive, no matter how many coins you swallow, you will always be stuck in that boxy. I love this.

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