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Step on Gregg

Step On Gregg: Or don’t! Seems rude to step on someone – Review

Step on Gregg is a fun, upbeat hybrid of platformer and puzzler where your main goal is to, well, get  Gregg stepped on. You control the titular character, Gregg, using the slide of your finger on the screen, and Gregg moves fast, so, learn how to control him. The main idea of the game is that Gregg needs to be used as a sort of conveying mechanism to get the birds that are deep in a sleepwalking episode to the other end of the stage without them waking up.

You can slide and move your way through over 80 levels and 5 worlds in Step on Gregg, and as you advance every ten or so levels, interesting new mechanics introduced to you in the game, like new abilities such as tornadoes that blast you in the air, tons of cool tricks, etc; all with one finger controls! This does help out quite a lot as, considering the levels tend to get a bit repetitive, the new mechanics add a lot of new depth to the game.

Step on Gregg

Let’s get into the skinny of it though, shall we? Step on Gregg is definitely a unique game. It has very nice, detailed artwork that sets a nice mood for what the game is about and what it is trying to demonstrate. It is a very sleepy, “goodnight” sort of art style that fits in with the whole theme of the sleepwalking birds in Step on Gregg. The music gives off this same chill vibe of relaxation and sleep walking as well. Game play wise, Step on Gregg delivers in being fun, unique and an all around good time, while still not being too easy or too hard. The controls are tight, responsive and even somewhat unique, as you can play the entire game using only one finger, in fact, it might even be more challenging with more than one finger!

Step on Gregg is definitely an addicting game that you will be playing for a while, maybe even a few months to a year, with its 80+ levels and crazy replay value. Step on Gregg is a free game on the App Store you won’t want to miss out on.

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  1. sa veen manandhar

    This game is a clean and clever puzzle. It’s cute, fun and challenging game. For this game you have to access to magical objects, 80 levels in 5 rather charming worlds, an automatic synchronization of your progress and achievement via I cloud, etc. The main mission of this game is to help Gregg to save poor beasts.

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