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julius caesar gallic war

Julius Caesar-Gallic War: Mechanized Warfare – Review

Julius Caesar-Gallic War is a very captivating tower defense game revolving around the Greek era, but instead of Greek military units, mechanized warfare is used throughout the game.

It is pretty much a normal tower defense game, but includes a few concepts that aren’t necessarily incorporated into other games.

First off the game itself takes place in ancient Greece and the surrounding areas, but has machinery replacing ancient Greek weapons. The game was created by TBL Tech Nerds, who have enough experience making great games and Julius Caesar-Gallic War is no exception.

julius caesar When just starting out the tutorial is well made with new concepts introduced along the way such as removing trees for spare gold, and mechanisms you can collect. On the other hand though, the games playstyle and units are relatively similar to other tower defense games with the usual upgrading, land, air, and water units all being prevalent.

Personally the game is a breeze, even on harder difficulties, but the casual gamer may be overwhelmed in a few of the rounds before experiencing the outcome. More often than not, I would expect a victory coming out from the user after just reattempting that specific round. Being successful and beating the game is easily possible for anybody who puts in the work and effort to doing so.

After wins you can receive mechanisms as rewards and these can be placed in your machine to allow for better gameplay.

Now there are a few negative attributes about the game I should mention beforehand. In Julius Caesar-Gallic War there are abilities the user can use to help them along when in a battle and these consist of 3 free ones, and 3 paid abilities which can be used by tapping on the ability and then placing it on your screen. What I dislike is that the free abilities have no limit and can be used forever, allowing for the user to just spam it everywhere, ensuring a pretty smooth win without much tactical or strategic thinking. The 3 paid ones can be bought with in-game currency (gems) but aren’t necessarily because the free ones are just way more useful, and are free of cost.

julius caesar 2The fix to this advantage is to simply tell yourself not to use it unless you absolutely need to, otherwise the game will be a breeze through. The progressiveness in the game is definitely there, with introductions of new enemies, and new weapons for yourself available throughout the game as you progress, also easily checked by visiting the wiki in the game. The game also has a paid version and allows you to view ads for gems incase you’re running low. That does not make the game pay to win at all though, and playing free is still a good time.

Overall, Julius Caesar-Gallic War incorporates a lot of concepts that I haven’t covered, but if you are to try it out I’m sure it’ll fascinate you if you’re a fan of the tower defense genre. The difficulties aren’t too hard, and provide a simple, yet fun game to play in your spare time. The color style is a bland black and white but the art style is still very creative and enjoyable nonetheless. If you’re just a casual gamer, picking up this game won’t be too much of a hassle and you can get playing right away. If you’re looking for some more dedicated tower defense games on iOS then I’d like to suggest: TowerMadness, Bloons TD 5, or Sentinel 3: Homeworld.

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