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Motif Mask

Motif Mask: A puzzle with time pressure – Review

Can’t get enough of puzzle games? Try combining one with unique patterns and color schematics. Motif Mask takes traditional puzzle games, but adds a layer of strategic color placing for even more of a challenge.

For starters, the game will show a design on the left side of your screen. The right side of the screen is the design you are putting together, the goal is to make this a copy of the original image. Underneath the two images are the puzzle pieces for you to choose from, these pieces are a reflection of the image, but taken apart. At this point the player has to click the correct pieces in the correct order to remake the original design.

motif maskUpon launching the game you are immediately tasked with a “practice round” that throws some un-timed puzzles at you. This gives players a great chance to get a feel of the game and understand what the rest of the app will bring. Feel free to take your time here!

Once you get past the practice screen players are then able to choose between two game modes, “arcade” and “classic.”

Classic mode features the normal puzzles pieces players see during the practice round. There are shapes and colors and you have to determine the correct order to place them in. However, there are a few twists.

Not only is there the added pressure of a timer counting down, but there is way more puzzles pieces to choose from. This makes it even more imperative to choose the correct piece, as each wrong selection will take up precious time.

motif maskArcade has a similar layout that classic does. Here the players are still faced with a timer counting down, but now you only have a select number of puzzle pieces to choose from. You have all the right pieces, you just have to place it in the correct order. Sound easy? Not quite.

Like classic mode, arcade has its own unique twist. While you may have less puzzle pieces to choose from to get the correct order, you can only get the order wrong once. This adds an exciting layer of pressure to the game, because you only have one chance every round to beat your last high score.

The puzzles themselves might not give a huge challenge, but the pressure to make no mistakes and beat the clock creates a challenging atmosphere. If you are huge into puzzle games and enjoy leader boards, Motif Mask will be an interesting app to pass the time with.

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Alexandra is a huge gaming enthusiast that will game on any platform she can get her hands on.

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  1. This game reminds me of the time when I was a kid and played simple games on Tetris and Sega.Oh than was the days 😀

  2. I love to play game so i have collected so many games but nothing was like this one what i have learned form this page so i have collected this game for enjoying my free time what was exquisite game fr me ever i have found before.

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