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shadow clicker

Shadow Clicker: unique and interesting quests – Review

If you ever played Cookie Clicker, or Clicker Heroes than you are bound to love this new app, Shadow Clicker.

Shadow Clicker stands out from the crowd by offering unique quests, and interesting in game purchases. Despite being a great game without having to ever spend a dime, the in game purchases are exciting enough to make them worth buying, but manages to avoid breaking the game or making it too easy in the process.

Some of the more interesting offers are to reload all skills or to annihilate the current monster. Both are extremely useful, but doesn’t give the player too much of an advantage.

shadow clickerShadow Clicker also has unique and interesting quests. Right away you can start earning rewards by completing simple quests that gradually get more difficult. For example, one of the first quests was defeat 7 bosses. The quests are great for gaining more coin to buy bigger and better upgrades.

My favorite aspect about this app is the darker colors and sounds. I loved Cookie Clicker and Clicker Heroes, but they often felt too light or cutesy for my tastes.  The darker theme and shadowy characters are very immersive and way more exciting to play with.

The sounds are fairly average, and exactly the type of attacking noise one would expect when playing an action style game. The background music is particularly pleasant by adding a rise and fall of upbeat music.

shadow clickerThe beginning was a bit of struggle due to the small lettering on the tap damage, skills, and mercenaries. At first glance it is easy to overlook the coin cost for upgrades. It would be great if clicking on the items enlarged the lettering. However, this is not a game breaking issue.

For anyone that has never played a previous clicker game it can feel a tad overwhelming to start. Especially since the tutorial is easily skipped and offers limited information.

The tutorial is basic and describes the key elements of the page. It points out where to find skills, stats, mercenaries, etc. However it doesn’t deliver many tips on what should be purchased first, how to change and repeat previous levels, or where important info like DPS and coin cost are located.

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  1. It’s seems an entertaining and interesting game on a mobile platform.Gameplay looks very innovator and graphics are simple, but beautyful and some kind or darkness atmosphere.
    Take a look!

  2. Thank you very much for your article about Shadon Clicker. I found this game very much funny. It is really interesting and now I cannot go to sleep before playing this game. Thank you very much again.

  3. Interesting. That’s news to me. Thanks for sharing.

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