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Polyforge: beautifully infuriating – Review

Every once in a while, a game is released that you find extremely difficult—a game so difficult it takes you weeks until you feel you’ve reached a point confident enough to review it. For me, Polyforge is one of those games.

In Polyforge, you play as a little triangle, circling a shape—each level has a different shape than the previous, though there are often repetitions. Your objective is to shoot (by tapping the screen) each side of the shape, until all sides have been covered. The catch: some shapes have 20 sides; many of the sides are different sizes; and sometimes there are multiple shapes.

polyforgeThough that might sound fun—and it often is—it can also be incredibly difficult. Never have I felt so close to snapping my phone in two than when I failed a level with one final side of the shape remaining (in fact, this was a regular occurrence). There are some redeeming qualities to this, though: the game is often nice enough to offer you a second chance at a level by watching a 30-second advertisement. But this can often make it even more frustrating, because the second chance never usually helped me actually complete the level. Ouch.

I won’t lie though, the game is rather enjoyable, when it isn’t so difficult. I gave it another attempt before writing this review, and I found it somewhat easier than before—only for a few minutes, that is, after which I felt like breaking my phone again.

polyforgeIf there is one thing I adore about Polyforge, it’s the music; the game actually begins with the suggestion to wear headphones, which I cannot help but endorse. A simple yet peaceful piano medley is accompanied by a comforting background ambiance (only interrupted upon the failure of a level, at which a sharp and out-of-place piano note is played). This, in addition to the warm colours and calm particle effects, allows the game the harmonious sensation I believe the developers sought. If anything, Polyforge is a very peaceful game to listen to and look at.

But would I recommend it? I think so—though I make it clear that the game can be extremely difficult. Or perhaps I’m just a terrible gamer, or not the targeted demographic for this game? Take a look at the game yourself—see what you think. Perhaps you’ll discover that you are a better gamer than I.

About Rhain Radford-Burns

Still in school, but been in the video game journalism field for a few years. Rhain loves writing things and loves playing games, so to be able to join the two is a dream come true, and he doesn't intend on giving it up in the foreseeable future.

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  1. This is very nice game.I played it.It is really funny.This game relax my mind.I haven’t played such a game before.It is entertain game.

  2. I have played this game and it is really exciting and challenging. You really have to be in tempo so you can complete a level. I agree that it makes you feel infuriated especially when you fail a level but hey, that’s what it makes it addictive.

  3. This game seems to be interesting. I am going to download this game and play. As said by the game I am going to buy new headphones so that I will enjoy the sound in background.

  4. Ibrahim Abadžić

    Looks very interesting. I will try it out for sure because there just aren’t many rare and unique games nowadays. Also, your review was very informative. Thank you.

  5. I don’t ordinarily comment but I gotta admit appreciate it for the post on this special one : D.

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