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crashing season

Crashing Season: Fart in the faces of hunters – Review

Have you ever dreamed of running around as a pig, using your farts to kill the hunters attempting to slaughter you while simultaneously headbutting large logs into other hunters? Neither have I, but Crashing Season allows you to do just that.

Developed by Koukoi Games, Crashing Season is a 3D runner game where you control a variety of different animals, while trying to survive the pursuing hunters. This might already sound like fun—and it is—but in addition to this, you’re also offered a range of challenges to complete. For example, I’ve just recently played a level which assigned me three challenges: attain a score of 120, knock out 10 enemies while playing as a horse, and upgrade one of my horse’s abilities.

Crashing SeasonOnce you’ve completed all of the necessary challenges, you can advance to the next level. Upon completion of all four levels within a stage, you advance onto the boss fight. I’ve always been a big fan of boss fights—more than anything, they remind me of the good old Crash Bandicoot days—but my experience with recent games have led me to be rather disappointed in the execution of them. This game is an exception; the boss fights are fun and exciting, and while they do seem a little easy to defeat, ultimately this doesn’t detract from the experience.

In regards to music, Crashing Season nails it. Mobile games have the tendency to feature very repetitive and ultimately tedious background music, but Crashing Season‘s is anything but. The music is very fun, and really gets you in the mood for headbutting (and farting in the faces of) hunters, which is what I think it sets out to achieve in the first place.

The fun attitude of this game is likewise demonstrated in the art style. While simplistic, it’s very nice and colourful, which is certainly the most representative quality of the game. In fact, the art style of this game also reminds me of Crash Bandicoot, which is definitely not a bad thing. I actually liked the art so much I downloaded the game’s digital art book (which you can get by subscribing to the mailing list on the game’s website. This is not sponsored; I just found it pretty awesome).

Crashing SeasonKoukoi’s website opens with the company statement of producing “memorable gaming experiences”, and I think Crashing Season achieves that goal. While it might not be a game that inspires me to achieve great things, nor will it leave me contemplating my existence within the world, this game is pure and utter fun. Absolutely crazy and mad, but ultimately very exciting and fun. And I think that’s exactly what you want from a mobile game like this.

Besides, where else do I get to fart in the faces of hunters before throwing entire trees in their face?

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Still in school, but been in the video game journalism field for a few years. Rhain loves writing things and loves playing games, so to be able to join the two is a dream come true, and he doesn't intend on giving it up in the foreseeable future.

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  1. At first when I read the title of the game I thought it won’t be an interesting game to waste my time on, but once I gave it a try, it was a good decision! might be my new fav game lol

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